Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry in Las Vegas
Family dentistry is more than just general dentistry. A family dentist has a license to provide dental care for patients of all ages and treat oral health needs at every stage in life.
At Modern Dental Care in Las Vegas, we offer the following services for the whole family:
Why choose a family dentist?
A family dentist can treat patients of any age, making a family dentist a great option for families with ranges in age. Children have very specific oral health needs, and so do adults. You won’t have to make appointments at separate dentist offices in Las Vegas because Dr. Edington can treat all members of your family. Modern Dental Care is a great family dental practice in Las Vegas that can provide for all of your family’s dental needs.
Additionally, family dentists can understand children’s oral health along with the fears that may accompany going to the dentist. Dr. Edington has a gentle approach to help foster positive associations with the dentist for both children and adults.
What should you expect from a family dentist?
It can be difficult to find a dentist that can meet all of your family’s needs. It is important to check any dentist’s credentials. You should also make sure that your family dentist has years of experience. Many parents ask their friends for recommendations or check reviews online. Read about Dr. Edington’s credentials and experience.
Another quality you should look for in a family dentist is good communication. Find a family dentist that you and your family members feel comfortable talking to about treatment options, concerns, and questions.
If you live in Las Vegas or surrounding areas, we would love to learn how we can help your family with your oral health needs. Please contact Modern Care Dental to schedule an appointment with Dr. Edington.