Invisalign FAQ

The Invisalign system is a series of clear aligners that are used to straighten teeth. Read these FAQs about Invisalign to learn more.
How much does Invisalign cost?
There are many factors that determine the cost of your Invisalign treatment: how extensive the issues you want corrected, how long your treatment plan will last, and the specific treatment details prescribed by the doctor.
However, we have several payment options available, including the following:
  • Courtesy discount applied for treatment paid in full by cash or check
  • Payment arrangements to coincide with your Flex Plan needs
  • Most major credit cards accepted
If your dental plan covers orthodontic treatment, you may also qualify for Invisalign. Talk to your insurance provider to determine the extent of coverage for your treatment.
What are the primary benefits of Invisalign?
Here are some of the benefits of Invisalign:
  • Invisalign aligners are clear; no one may even notice that you're wearing braces, making Invisalign a seamless fit with your lifestyle and day-to-day interactions with others.
  • Invisalign is removable. Unlike braces, you have the flexibility to eat and drink what you want during treatment simply by removing the aligners when you eat.
  • You can also remove the aligners to brush and floss as you normally would for fresh breath and good oral hygiene.
  • Unlike traditional metal braces, Invisalign does not use metal brackets or wires that could cause irritation to your mouth.
  • You'll spend less time in the doctor's chair and having to schedule appointments, and more time out doing the things you love.
  • Invisalign allows you to view your virtual results and treatment plan before you start your treatment, so that you can preview how your straight teeth will look once your treatment is complete.
Will Invisalign fit my lifestyle?
Invisalign can fit into any lifestyle. Time for a snack? No problem. Take out your aligners to eat or drink whenever you want. And because they are clear, no one will even notice that you are straightening your teeth and you won’t have to hide your smile during treatment. Since Invisalign is removable, you can brush and floss regularly to keep up your normal oral hygiene routine. And you could even remove them occasionally to enjoy a night out. The truth is that you can continue your day-to-day activities while still straightening your teeth.
How many patients are being treated with Invisalign?
More than 1,000,000 patients worldwide have been treated with Invisalign. The number of Invisalign smiles grows daily. At your next appointment, we can help answer any questions you might have, and get you started on the smile you've always wanted.
Is Invisalign treatment painful?
Some people may experience temporary discomfort for a few days after getting their new aligners. This feeling is often minor and are a sign that your teeth are moving so that you can achieve your perfect smile. This discomfort will typically go away within a few days.
Are there any diet restrictions with Invisalign?
No! Unlike traditional braces, you can eat and drink whatever you’d like. There is no need to restrict your diet because Invisalign is removed when eating.
How often should I wear aligners?
You should wear your aligners at all times except when brushing, flossing, and eating.
How quickly will I see results with Invisalign?
It usually takes a few months for most patients to notice results from Invisalign, regardless of the length of treatment. However, you may see results sooner or later depending on your teeth.
What’s the best way to clean my aligners?
The best way to clean your Invisalign aligners is by gently brushing them with a toothbrush and rinsing them with lukewarm water. You can also purchase special Invisalign cleaning products. It is also important that you brush your teeth before re-inserting your Invisalign aligners after eating.
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