Fluoride Treatment in Las Vegas, NV

Fluoride Treatment in Las Vegas, NV

What Is a Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride is one of the most important minerals for our teeth, yet the most overlooked dental procedure. It is meant to strengthen, and protect your teeth from cavities and other potential problems.

You can introduce fluoride either topically or orally. Although oral supplements are popular because of their quick effectiveness, topical application is equally as beneficial.

According to numerous studies and overwhelming empirical data, this mineral can help protect teeth even if they’re weakened. The chemical compound will replenish phosphate and calcium deposits in your teeth.

During your hygiene appointment here at Modern Dental Care, we will topically apply the substance, ensuring your teeth are well nurtured.

The Benefits Of Fluoride Treatment

The most common over-the-counter product that contains fluoride is toothpaste. But, these types of products may not be enough on their own.

Treatment is especially beneficial for our patients who are at a higher risk of developing decay. So, if you’re suffering from weak enamel, dry mouth or overall poor oral health, be sure to visit Modern Dental Care to get your fluoride treatment today!

Importance Of Fluoride Treatment For Kids

While anyone can benefit from this procedure, it is notoriously great for kids.

Experts emphasize the numerous benefits of fluoride treatment for kids whose teeth have recently come in. But, a word of caution is necessary. If you begin fluoride treatment too soon there is a chance that a child will develop a dental problem called dental fluorosis.

If your child is above two years of age, bring them to Modern Dental Care so we can check their teeth and recommend the best protective practices.

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