How is an iTero Scanner Used?

iTero scanners are used to capture images of your teeth and gums. These scanners can be easily held and operated by your dentist and will comfortably fit into your mouth. Once your mouth has been thoroughly scanned, we will then process the images, and within a few minutes, your dentist will have a highly accurate 3D model of your teeth and gums. The use of iTero scanners in dentistry is becoming increasingly popular as they provide detailed images that allow patients to better visualize the progress of their treatment.

Advantages of iTero Technology for Dental Treatments

As iTero technology enables your dentist to have a digitalized overview of your teeth and gums, it provides patients with a better treatment experience, especially for orthodontic procedures like Invisalign®. Another benefit of using iTero scanners is that they do not expose the patient to radiation, making it a safe procedure that appeals to nearly all patients. It also provides fast results that can be seen on a screen. This lowers the turnaround time for treatments and enables your dentist to provide immediate feedback and more efficient care.

iTero Technology – Paving the Way for Better Oral Care

iTero scanners are compact and enable your dentist to reach the back of your mouth, allowing for a more in-depth scan. Doing so also allows your dentist to provide a more accurate diagnosis and gives them a better overview of how the treatment will affect your results. iTero technology is more accurate and is also more comfortable than traditional methods of taking dental impressions. The 3D model generated from your scans allows for better fitting Invisalign® aligners and can even help patients visualize the results from the treatment. With fewer visits and a more accurate diagnosis, iTero technology allows dentists to provide better consultations and reassure patients that they are getting quality oral care.

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