Preventive Cleanings in Las Vegas, NV

Preventive Cleanings in Las Vegas, NV

Why Do I Need Preventive Cleanings?

At Modern Dental Care, preventing things such as cavities, tooth loss and gum disease is crucial. We care deeply about each and every patient’s oral health and use our expertise to provide Preventive Cleanings.

Not only does not taking care of your oral health affect your body, but it can also significantly affect your wallet. When someone doesn’t focus on preventive care, they’ll end up needing restorative care, which is often not covered by insurance.

Here at Modern Dental Care, we encourage all individuals to have at least two dental checkups a year.

Following this recommendation can help your dentist stop dental disease in its earliest stages, protecting your smile and limiting your expense.

Preventive Cleanings Tips

Did you know you can start focusing on oral health care before a child even has teeth? Gently rubbing the gums clean after feeding, as well as in the morning, can keep their mouth in tip-top shape. Once a child has their first tooth, bring them into our office to begin comprehensive oral health care.

No matter your age, you can do plenty of things to help keep your mouth healthy. Here are some of our top picks.

A Proper Oral Health Routine

You can prevent a lot of damage to your mouth simply by practicing your oral health routine from home. This involves brushing and flossing for a minimum of two minutes twice daily. Doing so helps remove plaque from your teeth. When plaque is left on your teeth, it forms tartar and bacteria, which leads to tooth loss and gum disease.

Using Fluoride

Fluoride is a wonderful preventive measure that strengthens your teeth and can prevent decay. You can find many fluoride-based products such as toothpaste, mouth wash, and more at your local grocery store. Here at Modern Dental Care, we offer our patients professional fluoride treatments.


Most commonly placed on children, sealants are a thin coating placed on chewing surfaces on your back teeth that aid in the prevention of tooth decay.

Lifestyle Choices

Lastly, staying away from tobacco, an excessive amount of sugary foods or drinks, and taking care of your teeth is your best option to prevent any further issues. Call Modern Dental Care today to learn more about preventive cleanings.

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