Dental Crowns at Modern Dental Care

Are you struggling to feel confident when you smile? Do you need a dentist near you to help with your smile makeover? It’s time to discover how to transform your smile with dental crowns!

Here at Modern Dental Care, our dentists understand that all patients want to look and feel their best. Dental crowns restore shape, strengthen function and improve the general appearance of teeth. Crowns encase the damaged tooth’s outer surface, securely cementing the tooth’s surface long-term. Since dental crowns cover the entire visible layer, a dental crown effectively becomes the tooth’s new outer surface.

Patients need to be aware that dental crowns are composed of durable materials but are still subject to decay and daily wear and tear. Maintaining a good oral health routine will keep your dental crown healthy for as long as possible.

Why your dentist may recommend a dental crown:

  • Restoration of a fractured tooth
  • Attachment of a bridge
  • Replace a large filling
  • Protect weak teeth from fracturing
  • Coverage of a tooth that received a root canal treatment

How is the treatment performed?

At the beginning of the treatment, our dentist will safely numb the area surrounding the tooth with a local anesthetic. The tooth will then be filed down, and an impression of it taken. This impression allows for the exact construction of your tooth. The crown is then cemented into place with minimal discomfort and zero pain.

Will the crown match my natural tooth?

As a cosmetic treatment, we ensure that the crown matches your natural tooth’s color and texture. The shade of the crown your dentist recommends will depend on the tooth involved and on your personal preference. Crowns can be composed of porcelain, zirconia (hard ceramic), metal (a gold or other metal alloy), or a combination of both.

Our team at Modern Dental Care promise to provide the best dental crowns in Las Vegas, NV, leaving you smiling all day! Call our team to begin your journey to perfect teeth with dental crowns near you and receive the smile of your dreams today!

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